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Great Scot! Enterprises, Inc.
Great Scot! Enterprises, Inc.

The Village Toy Shop

There once was a true “Mom and Pop” toy store that existed for years on the main street of a historic town in upstate New York. Once the couple had raised their children, and even their children’s children had grown up, they began thinking about closing the store. 


So many of the locals were so upset about this institution closing forever, a local corporation reached out and purchased the small store with the intent of continuing the tradition.   Great Scot! Enterprises, Inc. was hired to not only relocate the store, but to totally rethink the design concept while maintaining the intimate feel. The name “The Village Toy Shop”  presented itself with its own reincarnation.

Great Scot! Enterprises envisioned a true “village”. Upon walking up to the entrance to the store, a classic gingerbread façade greeted the shopper. Once inside the store, the shopper is transported into a miniature replica of a Tudor village. Building facades and rooflines break up the  interior of the space. Wooden toys are found at the “Village Cobbler”, toy trains at the “Village Depot”, baby dolls are in the “Village Nursery”. The check out registers are obviously found behind the “teller” stations at the “Village Bank”. The center piece of the entire store is the sixty foot long “Village Train” that sits majestically on the green “lawn” carpet.   Not only are the young shoppers able to climb aboard the engine and caboose (both with working lights and whistles), but the train also serves as the logo for the store.

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