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Commercial & Residential Interiors - Renovations - Project Management
Great Scot! Enterprises, Inc.
Great Scot! Enterprises, Inc.

Design Philosophy




Personality is defined as "The distinctive characteristics of a person, place or situation".

Each individual person has his or her own personality that makes them unique. We at Great Scot! Enterprises, Inc. feel that our surroundings should have a distinct personality as well. We live out our lives inside spaces that are designed to frame our existence and to support our actions. These spaces should reflect the mood and feel of their intended use - to have a distinct "personality" of their own.

The name of a retail store or restaurant should be reflected in the ambiance of the interior. Individual spaces should be immediately recognizable as to their function. A well designed space should evoke a mood, set the tone and play a role in the experience of life.


Through material selection, proper and unique space planning and most importantly,  proper lighting, a successful interior design can have as much or more personality as the human souls that occupy its space.

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